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circus artist

Mizuki Shinagawa

Tokyo Japan (Japanese)

1997.10 .08 (22 years old)


Aerial silks / aerial straps


Mizuki is someone who always follows her dreams, loves to surprise people and find her own path. She started aerial silks when she was 14 years old in Japan and then studied at the renowned national circus school in Montreal Canada. After graduating in 2018 Mizuki has worked around the world with companies such as cirque du Soleil and was also recognized for her creative and incredible aerial silks skills winning the bronze medal at the prestigious Cirque de Demain circus festival in Paris. 


・CIRQUE DU SOLEIL “VITORI” Malta (black queen)           28 November - 20 December
・Daidogei World Cup Festival in Shizuoka          1-4 November
・Filament Germany tour 
・Festival MAC La Merce cabalet 2019 Baecelona      21-22 September
・LA FRANCE a un Incroyable Talent in Paris (TV)      28 August
・International Basketball Game Opening act Saitama super arena Japan

・CIRQUE DU SOLEIL “BOCCA” Monaco      24 August - 19 September  15-19 August
・CIRQUE DU SOLEIL “REBEL” Andorra.      29 June - 28 July
・​Aerial silks workshop in Tokyo, Osaka, Shenzhen.         may, June
・Canal Circus in canal city hakata Fukuoka Japan           1-6 May

・1001 NIGHTS THE LAST CHAPTER by UNESCO book festival
Sharjah United Arab Emirate ( 7 doigts de la main/multiple international)・​Quixotic event
・​Cirque Eloize event

<Bronze Medal, 2 special prizes>
・7 doigts de la main creation in Montral March


・​Aerial art dance project event in Tokyo​ ・Solotech special event in Montreal ・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks

23 -27 April

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17 March 15 March 11 March

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9 February 8 February 9 January 8 January

23 December 14 December 8 December

1 December 10 November 3 November

3 October 28 September 29 September


・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Le Monastere cabaret Montreal -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・Montreal Completement Cirque (Saint Denis street) ・XFLAG and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert in Tokyo Japan ・Ecole Nationale de Cirque final show
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・Épreuve Synthèse Ecole Nationale de Cirque Montréal


Saudi Arabia National Day


・​Cirque Eloize event
・​Cirque Eloize event
・​Cirque Eloize event
・​Cirque Eloize event
・​Cirque Eloize event
・​Cirque Eloize event
・Coups De Coeur 2018 at Tohu (Ecole nationale de cirque) ・​Cirque Eloize event -silks

・​Cirque Eloize event -silks ・​Cirque Eloize event -silks ・​Cirque Eloize event -silks


・​Christmas event (aerial art dance project) -silks ・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -duo straps

・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks 
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・‘​Journee de la culture’ presentation tissu solo at national circus school

-silks -silks -silks -silks


Windsor salt
<Samsung Galaxy> -straps





・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・l​’ACPQ presentation tissu solo at national circus school ・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・CIRQUE DU SILEIL <C-LAB project> Duo straps ・​Cirque Eloize event -silks
・​Cirque Eloize event at Palais des congres de montreal

26 September 25 September 23 September 16 September 15 September 17 July - 24 August

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7 June 23 May - 4 June 1 June 7 March 24 January

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2 June

20 June 28 May 25 April


・Google YouTube opening event
・Cirque Eloize event <Ferrari >
・Google event fillmimg project
・​Ecole nationale de cirque Show “L’amoure et les extraterrestres” ・​Cirque Eloize event -straps

-silks, aerial hoop, straps





・​Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil 2017 ・Cirque Eloize event <Air Canada>


・ Montreal Completment Cirque ‘Le minutes’
・ Soirée bénéfice 2016 ecole nationale de cirque -silks

2015 (​in japan)
-The LIVE Entertainment Show Case Vol.5 "KINGDOM" -contortion

Shinagawa Season Terrace Grand Opening Event "THE SEASON" -contortion JEUNESSE Grand Opening Event at MAIHAMA Amphitheater -silks GYMNASTIC ART FESTA "DOOR" at MAIHAMA Amphitheater -silks, contortion

JOZANKEI VIEW HOTEL in Hokkaido -silks , straps, contortion Odawara Dynacity new year circus show -silks, contortion, aerial hoop

2014 (​in japan)
charity christmas event at aerial art dance project -aerial hoop Festival of Edogawa sports center -duo straps, silks aerial dance event at aerial art dance project -aerial net


27 March 1 February - 15 March 1-3 January

23 December 3 November

18 May